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But the author of an article published in the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine publication disagreed with this comment.

Reference 252. Ding J et al. Comparative observation of curative effects of postoperative symptoms of the closed craniocerebral injury treated by acupuncture. World Journal of Acupuncture-Moxibustion, 1997, 7(3):26-28.

Low Frequency Robot, exaggeration and Acupuncture Medicobot. Acupuncture on the upper abdomen causes muscle relaxation via the somatosympathetic pathway (i.e. inhibits motility), which could be beneficial in patients with diarrhoea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome, in whom colonic motility is enhanced and colonic transit is accelerated.

Stroke Study - Summary of controlled clinical trials - A better therapeutic effect (as assessed by EEG-map and somatosensory-evoked potential) was observed in the acupuncture test group.

This method is called gliding cupping and can be used to cover a fairly large area of skin. However, more often many cups are used at once to cover a large area such as the back or abdomen.

Today, there is more scientific support that explains how acupuncture can help women to have a baby. This result relieves couples who want to have baby after years of unsuccessful attempts.

Acupuncture is a gentle treatment that is intended to be very relaxing, restorative and balancing. As the primary goal is to regulate the flow of Qi in the gall bladder meridian, one often notices that their entire sense of health is boosted from the treatment: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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